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How Much Is Divorce Going to Cost (Video)

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

How much is the divorce going to cost Attorney Brent Kaspar talks about factors that affect the cost of divorce and how it depends on the complexity of the case. Although cost is a significant variable, clients should focus on hiring an attorney they can trust – someone who would have their best interests in mind.

Video Transcription

In almost every consultation I’ve had, the question invariably comes up, how much is the divorce going to cost?

And I tell them, it depends, but there are studies out there that suggest the average divorce costs around $15,000. And when you ask, what does it depend on? It’s really a function of how well the parties get along. I know they’re getting a divorce, so they’re just going to be contentious at times, but if all of the issues need to be decided by the judge in court, it’s going to be very much, it’s going to be much more expensive than, you know, agreeing to settle and negotiate outside of court.

In addition, there are many complicating factors that can increase the cost of a divorce, such as parenting plans between the parties. Um, the parties agreeing to exchange information so the parties can reach a settlement. If we have to litigate and get through discovery, then that increases the price. I think it’s counterproductive to pick an attorney solely based on cost.

I think the important factors to pick an attorney are: do you have good communication with the attorney, do you trust the attorney and are they going to be able to best represent your interests?