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Do your high net worth clients have questions about how DIVORCE would affect their assets

High asset professionals such as doctors, lawyers, CPAs, business owners and company founders have more at stake when considering the prospects of divorce.

Startup founders face complex issues regarding valuation on their portion of the business and the vesting and distribution schedule of their RSU.

Oftentimes, there are hidden assets or hidden income to deal with in high net worth divorces.

As well as, sorting out any spousal support, child support, or inheritance issues.

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No two cases are the same, but chances are we’ve seen what you’re going through. We’ll help you get through it.

Long-term success comes first, and our lawyers help protect your clients while going through the Divorce process.

We personally understand the issues/challenges you’re facing. Let’s get through this together. Call today.

What to Expect from Us

Our attorneys have years of experience litigating high stake divorces.? Our background is in finance and taxes as our founding partner Brent Kaspar is a CPA.? We know how to discover and protect assets, and we rely on highly qualified industry experts and forensic accountants to properly assess a value of their assets.

We appreciate the hard work you do for your client and would love to be an extension of your relationship with them by offering our expertise to help your high net worth clients retain as much of their wealth as possible despite difficult personal situations such as divorce.

We develop deep relationships with our referral network and reciprocate referrals when appropriate.

Please call Brent Kaspar at 415-650-1322 or shoot an email above to schedule a meet-and-greet and see if our firm will be a good fit and resource for your clients.

Some of the Complex Divorce and Family Law issues we handle

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Kaspar & Lugay, LLP is a family law firm with offices in Corte Madera, CA; Napa, CA; Walnut Creek, CA; and San Diego, CA. We also represent clients in San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Pismo Beach, Contra Costa County, and Los Angeles.