Napa Divorce Attorney

Napa Divorce Lawyers: Our Napa County Family Law Practice

If you’re considering a divorce, ready to divorce, or already divorced but need further help, the Napa family law attorneys of Kaspar & Lugay LLP can help. Located in Napa, California, our law office has the experience needed to help you with any family law issues you might have and can provide the advice and guidance you need to get through a divorce or deal with issues after a divorce. A consultation can help you learn more about what we can do for your situation.

The family law office of Kaspar & Lugay LLP is well known in the Napa and Napa County area for our unique ability to provide the high-quality legal family law representation you expect from a big firm coupled with the flexibility and attention to detail you get from a small firm. Napa of Kaspar and Lugay gained valuable experience at some of the largest international law firms. Now they use that experience to resolve high-stakes family law matters and provide effective representation in high-value divorce cases.

Our backgrounds in family divorce, business and tax law give us the unique perspective our family law clients need to handle complex, high-asset situations. From business valuations to property division, our Napa County divorce lawyers will make sure your best interests are protected, and your legal matters are resolved as quickly and favorably as possible.

Divorce Attorney Near Me: Directions To Our Downtown Napa Office Location

Kaspar & Lugay LLP – Napa, CA
1606 Main St., #207
Napa, CA 94559

From the Northwest and Southwest:

Take CA-29 and follow signs for Lincoln Avenue. Head east on Lincoln Avenue until Main Street, then head south on Main Street for .4 miles. Office is located on the corner of Main Street and Vallejo Street.

From the Northeast and Southeast:

Take CA-121 (Silverado Trail) and follow signs for Lincoln Ave (if coming from the north) or 1st Street (if coming from the south). Head west on Lincoln Ave or 1st Street until Main Street. Take Main Street north or south depending on where you are until you reach the corner of Main Street and Vallejo Street.

Legal Services Offered

The Kaspar & Lugay law office provides help with many different areas of family law. If you’re just considering a divorce, you can speak with a lawyer to find out if it’s a good time for you to get a divorce and what could happen if you do decide to go through with the divorce. We can also offer help when considering a legal separation and what you’ll need to know if you want to go ahead and file for a divorce today.

When you decide to file for a divorce, Napa divorce attorneys of Kaspar & Lugay LLP can help you with everything that needs to be done. They can explain what could happen with splitting marital assets (known as community assets or pooled assets), what counts as community property, how child support will or should be factored, and how to ensure fair custody arrangements with your child(ren).

If you’re employed by a start-up, our family law attorneys can help explain what might happen to stocks or RSUs that you obtained as part of your compensation for work. If you own a business, our divorce lawyers can explain what could happen with the business and whether your spouse might have an interest in the business. Any questions you could have will be answered for you and our team will work hard to help you get a good outcome for the divorce.

Once your dissolution of marriage has been finalized, we can help you uphold the divorce decree. If you’re awarded alimony (known in California as spousal support) or child support, for instance, we can help you make sure you’ll obtain it. If you’re required to sell your home or another asset and split the amount it sold for, we can help make sure your spouse doesn’t prevent the sale of the home or another asset or lower the value before it’s sold and can help make sure you get the amount you’re supposed to receive from the sale.

Whether you need help before, during or after a divorce, having the experience and guidance of a lawyer is vital. The lawyers at Kaspar & Lugay are going to work hard to help you get what you need through the divorce and make sure you receive everything you’re entitled to. A quick consultation with one of our attorneys can provide you with the advice you need to determine your next steps.

Local Courthouse

The Napa courthouse is where you’ll go for any hearings or other family law services not handled by your lawyer. You’ll visit the Napa County Superior Court at 825 Brown St, Napa, CA 94559. The courthouse is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM except for court holidays. There is also a drop box available until 5 PM.

Court documents can now be filed and viewed online. Visit to check out the paperwork in your file, look into the court calendar for any needed info about days the court will be closed, or to get more information about the courthouse.

What to See in Napa

The gorgeous Napa Valley offers tons for you to do if you want to get away and forget about the stress of your divorce for a little bit. Check out Safari West to view a 400-acre wildlife sanctuary with incredible attractions or take a class at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

The Napa Valley Wine Train provides a unique opportunity to enjoy dinner with the perfect wine or you can visit the Atkinson House to view a restored winery and house from the 1800’s. Home to delicious wine, you can take a number of different tours in Napa to other wineries as well to taste the local wine and see how it’s made. This is something you’ll want to try at some point and can give you the break you need when dealing with a divorce or other family law issues.

In Napa, the Kaspar & Lugay Law Firm provides the family law assistance you need. Whether you’re just considering divorce or you’re ready to get started, you can contact them today to learn more about your situation and what your options are. Give them a call now to set up your consultation appointment and learn more about how they can help you.

The Surrounding Napa Area

The largest city in Napa County and the second largest city in California’s Wine Country, Napa boasts a healthy population of more than 80,000 people and a stable economic center. Prized for its warm climate, Napa is home to roughly 190 wineries, which are the trademarks of the area.

Located in downtown Napa, our law office gives family law clients the benefit of being close to additional legal resources in the downtown area. We are just a short 10-minute walk from the Napa County Superior Court and a 12-minute walk from the Napa City Hall.