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State & Federal Tax Controversies

Resolving State And Federal Tax Controversies

Kaspar & Lugay LLP in Corte Madera is a boutique law firm dedicated to providing individuals and businesses in the North Bay, including Marin County and surrounding areas with effective representation in all levels of IRS tax controversies and appeals. We also handle controversies involving state taxes in California. Partner Brent Kaspar is a certified public accountant in addition to being an experienced tax lawyer. He leverages his knowledge of accounting principles to fortify our firm’s tax representation services.

We have experience representing clients before the IRS, the California Board of Equalization and the California Franchise Tax Board. Our trial lawyers also handle tax litigation in the U.S. Tax Court and federal court to protect the best interests of clients. If you or your business is facing a difficult IRS or California tax problem, we can advise and represent you at each stage of a tax investigation or audit, including:

  • Tax audits and appeals: If you have received a request for information concerning your state or federal tax return, or a notice of a tax audit, it is vital that you seek the representation of a knowledgeable tax lawyer to protect your rights. The rules and procedures governing tax audits and appeals are complex. We will diligently review your finances and tax returns, and guide you through a difficult time.
  • Tax liens: The IRS is given great power to enforce the tax code. Tax levies can strain your resources. A tax lien placed against your property can adversely affect your credit and complicate a sale of the property. Our attorneys are skilled in resolving IRS collection matters for clients with tax liabilities.
  • Payroll taxes: Falling behind in payroll tax obligations can lead to significant trust fund recovery penalties for businesses, company officers and others in the enterprise. Our payroll tax resolution lawyers help companies get back on track when payroll tax matters become a problem.
  • Criminal tax investigations: Criminal penalties for tax code violations include harsh consequences. We tenaciously guard the rights of clients during the course of a criminal tax investigation with the ultimate goal of obtaining the most favorable outcome, including convincing the IRS that the case is a civil matter.

For diligent representation and thorough advice regarding your tax problems, contact us online or call our office in Corte Madera at 415.789.5881.