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Tax Audits & Appeals

Knowledgeable Representation For Tax Audits And Appeals

A notice of examination for the Internal Revenue Service can be an intimidating experience. It may seem tempting to bring the receipts and documents and place yourself on the mercy of the examiner. However, an audit can result in significant tax liability, including interest and penalties. If the audit is not handled properly, the financial damage can be significantly increased. Kaspar & Lugay LLP is a respected tax audit defense firm devoted to protecting the rights of California taxpayers.

Comprehensive Tax Audit Representation From A Lawyer And CPA

Examiners with the Internal Revenue Service are trained to elicit information from taxpayers. Any information will be used against you. It is critical to have a knowledgeable lawyer protect your interests when dealing with the IRS. We can evaluate your situation and help direct the IRS inquiry to ensure the agency only obtains the information that they are entitled to receive. We help clients guard against an IRS fishing expedition to reduce exposure for our clients.

Many IRS examiners are not accountants. Attorney Brent Kaspar is also a certified public accountant who is devoted to applying his financial skills and deep knowledge of the tax code to obtain the most favorable outcome in every case.

What Is A Tax Audit

Tax authorities conduct audits to verify the accuracy of income and deductions in tax returns. The IRS uses three different methods to conduct examinations:

  • Correspondence audits: The IRS is increasing the use of so-called correspondence audits. These examinations are generally reserved for less complex disputes. The IRS will request documentation through the mail to conduct an examination.
  • Office audits: A percentage of audits are handled in an IRS office. The IRS will frequently outline the documents that you must bring to the examination.
  • Field audits: The IRS generally reserves field audits for the most complex examinations. These audits are conducted in the home or business of the taxpayer.

Tax Appeals And Litigation To Challenge A Costly Tax Adjustment

A taxpayer has a strictly limited amount of time to appeal an audit that results in tax liability. We have experience helping taxpayers file a protest with the IRS Office of Appeals, which must be done within 30 days. Challenges to an IRS audit can be complex. If you have been through an audit and received an adverse result, we urge you to contact our trusted lawyers as soon as possible for zealous representation and guidance through the IRS appeals process.

Turn To The Experience Of A Trusted Tax Lawyer In Corte Madera

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