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The Summer of Sudden Splits: Why So Many Famous Couples Divorced This Year

It’s been a big summer for celebrity splits. Everyone from Kevin Costner to Bily Porter to Sophia Vergara has opted to end their marriages. But why are so many famous couples splitting up? 

It’s more complicated than you might think – and it’s not just affecting red-carpet stars and politicians. Here’s why so many famous (and not-so-famous) spouses are calling things off and what you can do if you’re in a similar position. 

Why Are Celebrities Breaking Up?

Relationships are complicated, and no two marriages are the same. The reason for Ariana Grande’s divorce from her husband, Dalton Gomez, is likely very different from Justin Trudeau’s split from his wife, Sophie. However, several social issues could play a role in the spike in celebrity divorces this year, such as:

1. SAG-AFTRA and Writers’ Guild Strikes

Many of the world’s biggest stars are on the silver screen, meaning they’re members of the SAG-AFTRA union or the Writers’ Guild. These two unions have been on strike for months. While big names are unlikely to struggle financially because of the lack of work, they may face a more insidious problem: free time. 

Big stars used to constantly having work are no longer jetting around the world to different shoots or marketing events. Instead, they’re at home, spending time with their spouses. For many couples, this might have been the wake-up call that their relationship wasn’t working. 

2. Politics

But movie stars are far from the only people breaking up. Canada’s Trudeau and former New York mayor Bill de Blasio have both announced the ends of their marriages, among other high-profile politicians. While the strikes may not affect these people, politics do. 

Next year is an election year, which means political tensions are starting to rev up. Many people with political aspirations may be taking action now to avoid the controversy caused by a divorce or separation before they run for office in the coming months. 

3. Delayed COVID Breakups

Many trends that lead to more divorces affect people regardless of fame. For example, the US has declared that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, which could affect couples of all social strata. 

For example, the ability to go out and do things could put pressure on relationships that started during the pandemic. This could be part of Ariana Grande’s split since her marriage only lasted two years. 

Meanwhile, people who put off divorces because of the pandemic may now feel comfortable ending things. The lack of travel restrictions and increased freedom to find housing and new relationships likely make it easier for people to end their marriages without isolating themselves. 

4. High Temperatures 

August is known for a spike in divorces every year. Why? Some experts theorize that the answer is obvious: it’s hot, and people are grumpy. After a long, hot, and humid summer, many people are less willing to put up with little irritations and inconveniences. The uncomfortable temperatures may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, causing the fights that lead spouses to split up for good. 

5. Summer Break

Another wide-reaching consideration is that summer is when kids are on break. Summer vacation gives parents much more flexibility to shake up their household and reestablish themselves somewhere new if necessary. Parents may choose to divorce during this time so their kids don’t have to adjust to the changes while also worrying about their grades. 

6. Preparing for Next Year

Finally, summer is a popular time for divorces because many states have mandatory waiting periods before the split can be finalized. For example, California has a six-month waiting period. If couples want to get their divorce wrapped up before the New Year, June is their last opportunity. Filing for divorce during the summer lets them start the next year fresh, without an unhappy relationship hanging over their heads.

How to Prepare for Your Summer Divorce

If this summer has been the last straw for your relationship, you’re not alone. However, getting divorced is more work than you might expect. If you’re getting ready to end things, it’s important to prepare now to simplify the process. Here’s what you can do to keep things simpler for yourself once you file your petition:

  • Take stock of your assets: One of the biggest issues involved in most divorces is asset division. You’ll need to provide a comprehensive financial disclosure during your split, so now is the time to sort out your assets. 
  • Get copies of important documents: There’s a lot of paperwork involved in a divorce. Get copies of documents like your marriage certificate, property titles, mortgages, and tax returns now so you’re prepared later. 
  • Collect account information: Similarly, you may need to make significant changes to your financial and other accounts after you split. If you don’t already have the details for your bank, investment, and other accounts, it’s best to collect them before you file for divorce.  
  • Make a plan: Ending your marriage is a big change. Make plans for what you’ll do afterward, such as where you’ll live, what your budget will be, and what you want to do with your children if you have any. While this plan may change, having one is better than leaving your marriage blindly. 
  • Talk to an attorney: A skilled lawyer makes all the difference in keeping your divorce on track. This is particularly true if you have significant assets. Talk to an attorney before you file any paperwork to ensure you understand your rights, responsibilities, and options. 

At Kaspar & Lugay LLP, we’re dedicated to helping every client with comprehensive legal counsel during their divorces. Regardless of why you’re splitting up this summer, we can help you navigate the end of your marriage with less stress. Schedule your consultation to learn how we can help you divorce without celebrity-level drama.