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Life change could prompt post-divorce modifications in California

Spouses tend to take a big sigh of relief once their divorce is finalized. Because a failing marriage and a subsequent divorce can be emotionally and mentally challenging, newly divorced spouses in California and elsewhere seek to move forward, believing that their divorce decree is suitable and will remain intact for years to come. However, the unfortunate reality is that no divorce settlement is perfect, and divorced couples will likely need to revisit them at some point post-divorce.

What life changes could prompt a trip to family law courts for post-divorce modifications When children are involved, it is likely that divorce parents will have to revisit their divorce orders in order to ensure the needs of their children are continually met. This is especially true if there is a substantial change in circumstances, requiring changes to a custody agreement or a child support order.

Remarriage can prompt various post-divorce modifications . A new marriage could mean relocation and a blended family; thus, divorce parents might need to go to court to work through these family law issues . Economic challenges could also prompt changes. This could make it difficult for one parent to meet their child support obligations or it could alter the terms of a spousal support order. Additionally, if one parent gets a new job, requiring them to relocate, this could alter both child custody and child support agreements.

Over time, the dynamics of the relationship between parents can alter. Even if spouses were not able to get along well following the completion of the divorce process, they may find themselves in a different predicament five or even 10 years later. Thus, if parents are able to collaborate better, this might require drafting a new parenting plan.

No matter what post-divorce issue you might encounter, it is important that you understand that there are ways to address and resolve them. Divorced couples should understand their rights and how best they can protect them and the interests of their children, if involved.

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