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Helping you resolve family law disputes in California

Fights have the ability of being emotionally damaging. While some might be minor and easy to overcome, some are major, and are damaging to a relationship. When married couples in California are involved in a family dispute, it can seem impossible to get past it. Whether it is during dissolution or post-divorce, it is important that couples understand how best to resolve any disputes that might impact them.

Unfortunately, family law issues can occur at any time. For example, whether parents are together or not, issues surrounding where one will live, what a parenting plan will look like, whether there will be support obligations or how a child will be raised could happen at any point. Thus, it is important to understand how best to approach these matters, resolving them the best way possible.

At Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, our attorneys understand how stressful and life-altering family disputes can be. Thus, we are dedicated and well prepared to help parents in the Marin, Napa and Alameda Counties navigate these issues. Whether you are unable to come to terms during the divorce process or are dealing with issues post-divorce, our skilled attorneys can help you understand your rights these matters.

While many spouses think that their issues and disputes will be over once a final divorce decree, this is not always the case. Child custody modification may be necessary, child support might need to be adjusted or enforced and spousal support might need to be modified. Even if these issues are unexpected, it is important to address them as they come up. Our attorneys have helped past clients address these family law issues head on, helping them achieve fair and appropriate results.

To learn more, check out our family law website. It is important to keep the goals and interests of everyone in the forefront. Children are especially vulnerable during and after divorce. Thus, it is imperative that their best interests are continually met with every decision and change.