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Kanye and Kim Reach Finally Achieve a Divorce Settlement

After nearly a year, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have finally reached a settlement in their divorce. After Kardashian first filed for divorce in February 2021, West was apparently doing his best to drag out the process. However, Kardashian successfully requested a bifurcation, allowing her to reclaim her legally single state in March 2022. 

While the road for the super-famous couple’s split remained bumpy, it appears negotiations were able to begin in earnest once that was settled. Here’s how Kim and Kanye finally settled their divorce and what you can learn from their split.

Breaking Down the West-Kardashian Settlement

High-net-worth divorce settlements can take months to develop, even when both parties approach the process in good faith. West’s recent behavior, such as harassing Kardashian, losing at least four lawyers, legally changing his name to “Ye,” and spouting vicious antisemitic rhetoric online and in interviews, implies he may not have been the most cooperative during the process. However, Kardashian still pushed through to finalize the settlement despite his lack of cooperation. 

The settlement accounts for the community assets the couple acquired during their seven years of marriage and custody and support of their four children. Highlights from the settlement document include:

  • Both parties waived spousal support entirely.
  • Kardashian will receive $200,000 per month in child support from West, likely based on California’s strict support calculations.
  • The couple will split their children’s education, care, and security expenses.
  • If they have disputes regarding their children, they will pursue mediation instead of taking legal action. If either party fails to participate, the other person can make the decision by default. 
  • The couple’s assets will be divided according to their prenuptial agreements. 

The prenuptial agreement and the couple’s date of separation may have significantly benefited Kardashian. The couple will be dividing their eighteen co-owned homes equally. However, Kardashian will not suffer any losses from West’s recent poor behavior that cost him millions in advertising and sponsorship deals. These funds were likely considered separate property under either their prenup or due to their date of separation. As such, her finances remain unaffected by West’s public breakdowns.

Lessons From Kanye and Kim’s Divorce

While most splits will never be a fraction as dramatic as Kanye and Kim’s, it’s still possible to learn from their mistakes. Here are the most important lessons you can take away from the Kardashian-West divorce about keeping your own split on track. 

Your Spouse’s Misbehavior Can’t Permanently Stall a Divorce

From the moment Kardashian first filed for divorce, West apparently tried to slow down their split in any way possible. He publicly harassed her on social media and allegedly caused her significant emotional distress with his behavior and lack of cooperation.

Despite his best efforts, West did not manage to stop the split from occurring. California’s divorce laws only require one party to consent to a split for it to move forward. While an uncooperative spouse may add roadblocks to the process, you can still have your split finalized and start your new life free from their misbehavior.

Bifurcations May Help Move Matters Forward

West’s behavior was bad enough that Kardashian filed for a bifurcation in December 2021, just hours after West publicly attempted to “win her back.” Bifurcations separate the matter of a couple’s legal relationship status from the division of assets and child custody. They allow you to officially end your marriage before these other legal concerns are resolved. 

Bifurcations are particularly valuable for anyone who wants to be free from an abusive spouse. By legally ending your relationship, bifurcation gives your spouse one less way to harass you. As it apparently did for West may also remove their motivation to delay matters since it means your divorce is official. 

Prenuptial Agreements Are Invaluable for High-Net-Worth Divorces

The majority of the Kardashian-West settlement was resolved by their prenup. If it weren’t for that contract, the process could have stretched much longer than the 22 months it had already lasted. Their prenup ensured that despite West’s best attempts, the settlement only needed to address how the terms of the prenup should be applied and how custody should be determined. If he had had the opportunity to dispute every asset the couple had acquired since 2014, he likely would have forced the settlement to drag on for months more.

Any couple with significant assets should consider a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Resolving these issues in advance can save months of stress and hassle. 

Prenups Can’t Address Child Custody

Child custody may have been the topic that caused the couple’s divorce to drag on as long as it did. That’s because custody can’t be specified in prenuptial agreements. It must be determined when parents separate to address the children’s best interests. Similarly, child support must be awarded simultaneously to account for the time the children spend with both parents. 

If you’re a parent considering a divorce, you should prepare for these issues. Understanding how California determines child custody and support can help you negotiate a parenting plan that supports your kids’ needs and support orders that fit your financial circumstances.

Achieve a Smoother Divorce

There’s no doubt that the Kardashian-West split was dramatic. While most high-net-worth divorce settlements never reach that level of theatrics, they can still become overly complicated and stressful. If you want to ensure your divorce runs smoothly, it’s in your best interest to consult with experienced high-asset divorce attorneys.

That’s where the team at Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, can help. Our expert divorce and family law attorneys have years of experience with high-asset divorce settlements. We will guide you through the legal processes and advocate on your behalf to keep your divorce on track regardless of your assets or your spouse’s behavior. Schedule your consultation with our knowledgeable lawyers today to learn more about how we can help you.