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Fourth Lawyer Withdraws from Representing Kanye West During Divorce

It’s easy to get tunnel vision about your interpersonal relationships during a divorce. You’re so focused on ending your relationship with your spouse that you may stop paying attention to how your actions impact others. That seems to be the case with Kanye West, who lost his fourth divorce lawyer due to his behavior during his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

West is an extreme case, but you can still learn from his example. Keep reading to learn why he’s gone through so many attorneys during his split and what you can do to avoid making the same mistakes.

Why Kanye West Has Gone Through Four Divorce Lawyers So Far

West has not been the most stable person to work with over the past few years. This has been obvious in how he has behaved towards Kardashian, but it’s apparently going on behind the scenes, too.

During the first year of his split, he went through three separate attorneys. The first three he chose to remove, firing them and hiring new representation. West fired lawyer #3 just days before the hearing where Kim Kardashian’s request to be declared legally single was granted.

While he hired yet another new lawyer as a replacement, she lasted less than three months before becoming the fourth lawyer to stop representing West. However, she broke the pattern by opting to step down as his representation instead of waiting for West to fire her. She cited an “irreconcilable breakdown in the attorney-client relationship” in her motion to step down. She appointed one of West’s remaining lawyers, who does not specialize in divorce, to handle his legal matters until he hires new counsel.

A breakdown in attorney-client relationships can mean many things, including:

  • Poor communication: Communicating with your attorney is vital. The attorney and the client need to respond to communications on time for the case to proceed.
  • Unreasonable expectations by the client: If a client wants their lawyer to do something impossible, like preventing a divorce entirely, they have unreasonable expectations and may cause the relationship to break down.
  • Client wants to go to court despite counsel: Court isn’t always the best option. If a client wants to go to court despite having a fair settlement offer, ignoring the risk and costs of a court case, they may force their lawyer to withdraw as their representation.

At minimum, it seems likely that West’s loss of his fourth attorney is connected to poor communication. Sources state that he fired his third lawyer for precisely that reason. However, it’s also possible that lawyer #4 realized West had unreasonable expectations; he’s made it known he does not want the divorce and is attempting to stall it as much as possible. If that’s the case, his counsel may be obliged to withdraw to uphold professional standards.

Learning from Kanye: What Not to Do in Your Divorce

West’s actions clearly demonstrate what not to do in your divorce. From burning through legal representation to harassing Kardashian, he’s made the divorce harder for himself every step of the way. If you’re concerned about keeping your divorce on the rails, you can get far by doing the opposite of what he’s done. A few of the most important lessons you can learn from him include:

Don’t Harass Your Spouse or Act Out in Public

Kanye’s displeasure with the divorce has led him to harass Kim and act out in public. West has repeatedly harassed Kardashian on social media, TV, and with his music. When he gives in to these outbursts, he’s undermining his image and making it less likely that judges and other people will take his claims seriously.

Social media counts as a public setting. It can even be used as evidence against you in court. For instance, at one point, West’s Instagram posts were so clearly abusive that it spurred Kardashian to request that the judge declare her legally single before the rest of the divorce process was finalized, and her request was granted.

Any kind of harassment or stalking of your spouse is a bad idea, especially during your divorce. Not only does it paint you in a negative light, but it may also be illegal. No matter how upset you are with your spouse, find a more constructive outlet for your feelings and leave them alone. It’s not worth risking criminal charges just to bother your ex.

Don’t Lie to Your Attorney

Another bad behavior on West’s part is also connected to his Instagram posts. He swears that he did not actually write the disparaging Instagram posts Kardashian used to support her request to be named single. However, evidence heavily suggests that he did. If he misled his attorney regarding these posts, he seriously harmed his ability to receive appropriate legal counsel.

No matter what, you should never lie to your attorney during your divorce. Even if you’re not proud of your actions or your past, your attorney needs to fully understand the circumstances around your split to represent you well. Give them the truth, and they will be able to give you the best possible legal advice.

Don’t Ignore Your Attorney’s Legal Counsel

Kanye’s poor communication has also made his attorneys’ jobs harder. No matter how good a lawyer may be, they still need their clients to cooperate with them for their arguments to succeed. By failing to communicate with his lawyers, West undercuts his legal claims and makes it much harder for them to help him.

If you trust your attorney, you should pay attention to the legal counsel they give you. They have your best interests in mind. If you’re unsure why your lawyer has suggested you do something, talk to them about it instead of ignoring it. You’ll get significantly better results from your case that way.

Don’t Make Kanye West’s Mistakes

West’s behavior is a perfect example of how not to handle your divorce. From harassing his spouse to ignoring his lawyers, he’s done everything he could to make the split harder for himself.

If you’re ready to end your marriage, you can learn a lot by studying what West has done and doing the opposite. You can get started by getting help from expert lawyers you trust and listening to their advice. Reach out to the experienced team at Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, for your Consultation today.