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Do I need A Forensic Accountant In Divorce (Video)

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

What is a forensic accountant and do you need one in your divorce Attorney and CPA Brent Kaspar explains which divorce cases require forensic analysis.  He explains that not all attorneys can provide the financial expertise needed for clients dealing with high volume of financial transactions, closely held businesses and possibility of undisclosed assets.

Video Transcription

Forensic accounting is the review of financial data to put together a report to determine the financial status of the entity or the parties.

Key factors that we rely on to make the determination of whether we need a forensic accountant, are high volume of transactions during the marriage or after the separation, whether there’s a closely held business with a lot of financial transactions going on there. As an attorney and a certified public accountant, I’m uniquely qualified to work with forensic accountants and I can tailor their, their strategy on what they’re looking for and help interpret the data that they provide back to us.

So sometimes there’s no need for a forensic accountant and I can make that determination in advance so there’s not extra expense. If you’re facing a complicated divorce, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help. We’ll help answer any questions you may have.