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Circumstances Change, Ensure Divorce Orders Are Followed

When the family court finalizes a divorce, there are provisions in the divorce decree that may need to be modified due to a substantial change in post-divorce circumstances. In other situations, new information may show that the family court made its rulings based upon inaccurate information. There are a variety of reasons why a divorce settlement or judgment of the court may need to be modified.

Changes in the economy, job opportunities and unforeseen changes in the needs of a child are all common events that may require revisiting a family court order. In seeking a change to an existing family court order, a substantial change in circumstances must exist to justify the modification.

Even when circumstances have not significantly changed, the terms of a family court order may not be followed. A breach in the terms may require a court order to enforce an existing provision.

Zealous Representation In Post-Divorce Modifications And Enforcement Actions

Our trial and appellate lawyers are skilled in analyzing the facts to protect our clients? rights in all types of  family law cases . In child-related disputes, we are diligent in serving the best interests of the children. We represent clients in post-judgment proceedings in many areas, including:

Kaspar & Lugay LLP in the North Bay is dedicated to the principle that family law attorneys need to be problem solvers. Each of our lawyers has substantial trial court experience in high-stakes matters. We provide straightforward answers to client concerns and tenacious representation in court when necessary to resolve post-divorce disputes.

Turn To Experienced Family Law Attorneys In Marin County

When post-divorce problems arise, there is no time to wait. Prompt legal action is the best remedy when a change in income makes an existing order for spousal or child support untenable. If a custodial parent is seeking to relocate or refusing to allow the noncustodial parent to have contact with the children, we can help.

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