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Domestic Partnership Dissolution

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

California Domestic Partnership Dissolution Lawyers

If you have established a legal California domestic partnership for your gay or lesbian relationship, you must file a Termination of Domestic Partnership form if your relationship is ending. You and your partner may also need to go through a process of dissolution of partnership.

The attorneys at Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, are well-versed in the complexities of California domestic partnership law, and possess the experience and the commitment required to protect you and your family during this process.

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Domestic partnership dissolution requirements

Your partnership dissolution requires an agreement or court order that covers all elements traditionally associated with divorce, such as the following:

Same-sex couples and child custody

In California, a same-sex couple registered as domestic partners and the couple’s children are provided with the same rights and responsibilities of a traditional / heterosexual family. Our experienced, effective legal team will provide the sound legal advice and representation that you need in order to achieve your desired outcomes: maintain your relationship with your child and leave your domestic partnership with the property and support to which you are entitled after your separation.

Estate planning impacts of domestic partnership termination

In addition to property, custody and support, it is important to re-evaluate your estate plan in connection with dissolution of your partnership. Your will, medical power of attorney, life insurance policies, and any trusts are will need to be revised to reflect your new goals for you and your children.

The North Bay family lawyers at Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, are ready to discuss all aspects of your termination of partnership and help you plan for a secure future for yourself and your children. Call 415-789-5881 or contact us online today to schedule a consultation.