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If you are in a relationship or living together under an oral, written, or implied cohabitation agreement, you need to be concerned about protecting your financial interests in the event of a separation. California palimony and cohabitation laws are complex, especially if you are a high net worth individual.


Palimony is the term used to describe the settlement of assets when an unmarried, cohabiting couple ends their relationship. It usually is based on verbal or written agreements made during the course of the relationship.

Our [lcp data=”city” default=”Corte Madera”], [lcp data=”regcode” default=”CA”] Divorce Attorney, represents both plaintiffs and defendants in palimony cases. Palimony cases can become complex and highly emotionally charged. The outcome often depends in large part on the experience of the lawyers involved, so it is essential that you have an experienced advocate represent you. Because Kaspar & Lugay has represented both plaintiffs and defendants, our skilled attorneys are able to predict the opposing side’s strategy and prepare a case that finds the holes in their argument.


If you are concerned about protecting your assets, our attorneys’ knowledge of cohabitation laws will help you reach the best possible outcome. Mr. Kaspar is a skilled negotiator who is able to reach a favorable settlement in most cases. However, he is always prepared to fight for his clients’ rights in court, and has done so successfully, when a settlement cannot be reached.

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Whether you’re reaching your breaking point or needing to modify a pre-existing judgment or agreement, your team at Kaspar & Lugay is ready to help you explore your options and develop a winning strategy.

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