California courts favor child custody and visitation arrangements that allow the children to maintain a meaningful and continuous relationship with each parent. Child support is determined by a guidelines formula that relies on accurate numbers. Child-related disputes are frequently among the most contentious parts of a divorce.

Located in Tiburon, the boutique law firm of Kaspar & Lugay LLP provides Marin families access to high-quality representation in family law disputes. Our lawyers know how important your children are to you. As devoted problem solvers, we seek to settle child-related arguments efficiently, with the least emotional and financial toll on our clients.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Your Child

The best interests of the children are paramount in every case we handle. We are fully prepared to investigate the issues that may complicate a child custody dispute to present the most compelling case to obtain a favorable outcome. Common issues include:

  • Joint custody or sole custody, both legal and physical custody matters
  • Developing an appropriate parenting plan to serve the best interests of the child
  • Domestic violence allegations
  • Parental relocation and custody

California Child Support Guidelines Calculations

Child support is often intertwined with spousal support calculations. While a DissoMaster program can be used to determine a guideline amount for child support, it is only as good as the numbers imputed. This is where having a lawyer with a background in finance and tax becomes important. We have the experience to ensure a spouse or partner does not manipulate numbers to create an unfair child support award.

From day one, our attorneys offer personalized attention in preparing the strongest case. We will take the time to understand the goals and concerns of each client. We fully explain all available legal options to ensure clients make informed decisions every step of the way. When we are unable to reach an amicable solution with an adverse party, our accomplished trial lawyers tenaciously fight for the rights of clients.

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