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Out of State (Interstate) Divorce

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

Filing an Out-of-State Divorce

Our California Lawyers Represent Non-California Residents

If you need help filing for a California divorce while being out of state, Kaspar & Lugay, LLP can help you. Our Marin County, California-based divorce law firm represents out-of-state parties in California divorce, custody, and support proceedings.

As your legal counsel in a non-resident divorce, our experienced, effective divorce lawyers may be able to handle all appearances on your behalf, so you do not need to travel to the state. We offer the commitment necessary to protect your interests when you cannot be present. We consider ourselves to be partners with our clients in the course of their legal matters, and never lose sight of our primary goal helping you get the outcome you are hoping to achieve.

To learn more about our services call 415-789-5881 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Boasting Deep Financial and Litigation Experience

With significant negotiation and conflict resolution experience, our interstate divorce law firm can handle a wide range of divorce-related matters in courts throughout California and Southern California, such as child custody . If you are an out-of-state parent, you face special difficulties in maintaining your relationship with your child. Our tough legal team will see to it that your parenting plan allows you to spend as much time with your child as possible and that your child custody order is fair and reasonable. We will ensure that these orders are enforced under the laws of California.

Our firm can also help you resolve issues related to:

  • Division of Community Property Community property (including all marital assets and debt) is equitable, meaning it is not necessarily evenly divided between husband and wife. Our attorneys have extensive experience in business valuation and other aspects of division of property .
  • Alimony & Child Support Our law firm will discuss California support guidelines and advocate for you during negotiations regarding your rights or obligations to  alimony  or child support .
  • Modification of Custody  If circumstances have changed since your divorce you may be able to obtain a post-decree modification of your custody or support agreement

If you are living out of state and need a California lawyer to represent you in a California divorce, please call or contact us online today.