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Rights of Unmarried Parents

Protecting Your Property in a High Asset Divorce

Protect Your Parental Rights in California

As a parent you have rights and you have responsibilities. The law does not distinguish between married and unmarried parents, or between those who are heterosexual and those who are lesbian or gay.

At Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, our professional legal team represents unmarried parents in child  custody and support matters. If you need legal assistance as an unmarried parent, our firm can provide you with experienced, effective representation you can trust.

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How Is Child Support Determined

California Family Code ?4053 dictates that both parents are required by law to provide financial support for their children. A father’s legal obligation is often established through paternity testing. When determining the child support obligation of each parent, the court will consider the incomes of the parents and, if a legal custody and visitation agreement is in place, the amount of time the child spends at the home of each parent.

Our California Attorneys Skillfully Represent Fathers

An unmarried father does not automatically have the right to spend time with his child. If you are a father, our lawyers will help you work out a parenting plan arrangement that allows you to participate in custody and visitation. Even if you already have an informal agreement with your child’s mother for custody and visitation, it is important to formalize it and guarantee your access to your child. We can help you ensure your rights as a father are always protected.

Safeguarding the Rights of Unmarried Parents

If you are an unmarried parent, it is important that you establish your legal rights and protect your child. Our firm fully understands the concerns of unmarried parents and can handle all the details of your case on your behalf. Your family law goals are extremely important to us.

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