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California Juvenile Dependency Process

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Juvenile Dependency Process

When local California county Child Protection Services (CPS) receives allegations that a child is being abused or neglected and they feel that those allegations are credible, they will file a petition in the local juvenile dependency court to take action to help that child. In many instances, this will take the form of removal from the family home.

If Your Child Is the Subject of a CPS Investigation Time Is of the Essence

If you are a parent who has had your child taken by CPS or if you are under investigation, you need to act quickly. Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, is known for providing experienced, effective representation when protecting the rights of our clients. We have the resources and dedication required to help you not only refute the allegations against you, but take the fight to the opposition. We will also work to secure conditions for reunification that are achievable, should the court require them.

If your child is involved in a CPS investigation or has already been removed from your home, call 415-789-5881 or contact us immediately. We can take steps to expedite your case to speed up the return of your child.

The court will work to deal with certain major issues, such as:

  • Where will the child stay while the case is being resolved
  • Are the allegations of abuse or neglect true
  • What does the parent need to do to be able to bring their family back together

At Kaspar & Lugay, LLP, our family law attorneys can help you face the difficult process of juvenile dependency and reunify your family. We fight for North Bay families. We understand the juvenile dependency process and what it takes to succeed in it. Let us help you protect your family during this difficult, stressful time.

Discuss Your Family’s Legal Options

We will work to develop a plan that convinces CPS that your child can safely remain with your family. If you have been falsely accused of child abuse, our attorneys will explain what measures you need to take to protect yourself. Don?t give up hope just yet.

We may suggest the following:

  • Informal supervision
  • Counseling
  • Involvement of grandparents or other friends or relatives

If you have an emergency dependency hearing with CPS, our lawyers will prepare paperwork and be ready to help you on very short-notice. There are strict time limits you must meet in order to take advantage of all legal routes to regain custody of your children. Contact us online today to schedule a consultation about your case.