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Walking down the aisle? It’s time to think about a prenup.

When you first get engaged, you likely will only be thinking about the excitement of the upcoming wedding. You may have questions flooding your mind, but they will probably be focused on issues like the ceremony details and the type of music to play at the reception. While these are enjoyable parts of the planning process, there are other practical considerations that many couples should think about before taking the walk down the aisle.

These days, a large number of engaged couples are choosing to sign prenuptial – or premarital – agreements before they get married.

A prenuptial agreement provides a way to determine in advance the manner in which certain assets will be distributed in the event that the relationship does not work out and ends in a dissolution of marriage . Rather than hashing through those details during the difficult transition of a divorce, a prenup can save you some struggles and make the process smoother.

Regardless of the amount of wealth with which you are entering the marriage, a prenuptial agreement may be a wise decision.

Who may benefit from a prenup

One of the most common situations in which people enter into premarital agreements is when the wealth of one soon-to-be spouse is largely disproportionate to the other. Nevertheless, there are many other people who could benefit from signing a premarital agreement in California.

For instance, if one spouse expects to inherit a significant amount of wealth at some point during the marriage, a prenup is likely a wise choice. In addition, premarital agreements are increasingly including provisions unrelated to financial assets, such as social media clauses. Consequently, it may be wise to consider such an agreement to prevent your partner from sharing embarrassing or intimate details about your relationship upon a divorce on social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Who can help create a premarital agreement

To ensure your prenup is valid, you will want to seek the counsel of a skilled family law attorney to assist in preparing your prenuptial agreement. There are certain issues that cannot be addressed in a premarital agreement. Getting the help of a professional will ensure you are abiding by the law and protecting yourself in the event of a divorce.