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Passionately helping Californians with property division

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally trying time, but it can also be expensive. Sure, a divorcing individual may have to pay an attorney to help them sort through the mess, but trying to proceed with a divorce on one’s own could lead to unfavorable results. After all, property division during divorce can be marred with gray areas that can be exploited by those who know how to use the law to their advantage.

For example, as we discussed on the blog last week, California recognizes property as community in nature, meaning that marital property is divided equally amongst the spouses. However, some property may be recognized a separate property, meaning that it is not subject to property division . But what is considered separate property can be open for debate. Depending on which side of the divorce an individual is on, the result of this debate could mean either acquiring or losing a vast amount of money and other assets, thereby forever affecting one’s post-divorce life.

With so much on the line, it is critical that divorcing individuals protect themselves and their legal rights. At Kaspar&Lugay LLP, our dedicated family law attorneys know how some individuals attempt to hide property and/or claim that certain property is separate in nature. We also know how to ensure that separate property remains separate. Therefore, we help our clients identify assets, properly valuate them, and negotiation for resolutions that are fair under the circumstances.

Of course, not every marriage can end amicably through divorce negotiations. Sometimes these matters have to be taken to trial. Our firm has skilled litigators who know how to present persuasive legal arguments to the court that support our clients’ positions. In the end, we want to leave our clients situation as best as possible for their post-divorce life. We work with our clients to identify their needs and wants, and aggressively pursue a course of action in attempt to reach those goals.