Business Law

Comprehensive Business Law Representation Kaspar & Lugay LLP in Corte Madera, California, offers strategic legal counsel and representation to small and medium-sized businesses from startup to exit. The firm is a dynamic boutique law firm in the North Bay focusing on specific practice areas that impact entrepreneurs, stakeholders and businesses. Our business law practice is …

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Business Litigation

Experienced Complex Business Litigation Attorneys Successful businesses work hard to avoid disputes. Contractual relationships, diligent attention to detail with compliance matters and attention to detail in financial transactions are mainstays of any business. Company policies and business practices are designed for success. Despite diligent planning, however, many companies are forced to bring a lawsuit or …

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Intellectual Property Transactions

Intellectual property assets are a driving force in many business transactions. Contractual rights, licenses, purchases and sales of intellectual property involve special concerns to maintain the value of the assets, as well as the rights of those with an interest in the intellectual property. Many intellectual property matters in the Silicon Valley involve software. Our …

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Tax Liens

Strategic Solutions To Resolve Tax Liens And Levies The Internal Revenue Service has a variety of potent means to collect on an outstanding tax liability. Among its arsenal of tools are bank account seizures, levies and tax liens placed on property. A tax lien is a legal document filed with the California Secretary of State …

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Payroll Taxes

Protecting North Bay Area Businesses With Payroll Tax Problems Many small and medium-sized businesses fall behind in paying payroll taxes. There are a wide range of reasons a company may fall behind. If a bookkeeper or outside accountant makes a mistake in company records or pays the taxes to the wrong jurisdiction, significant payroll tax …

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