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What services we offer when third parties are involved

Previous posts on this blog have talked about situations in which a judge in Tiburon or other parts of the Bay Area decides to bring in a third party, like a mediator, child custody evaluator or parenting coordinator, to help resolve a parenting time or custody dispute.

A judge is permitted under California law to use these individuals when parents are not agreeing on what is best for their children. Sometimes, a judge will do this at a person's request, and sometimes, the judge will mandate the involvement of these third parties, even if neither party requests or even really wants them.

It can be tempting to think when a parenting coordinator or evaluator are involved that having an attorney is really not necessary, as the third party is supposedly there as an expert who makes decisions and is impervious to being persuaded as would a judge might be in a court hearing.

However, although these experts generally try hard to be honest and professional, they are just as human as the judge hearing the case and, as such, will have their own, oftentimes limited, view and what is in a child's best interests.

At our law office, we recognize our client is going to have to convince lots of different people that his or her ideas of what is in the child's best interests are indeed the best ideas or, at a minimum, ideas that should have an important role in the conversation about how to care for the child.

However, in order to do so, a person needs someone on their side, such as the legal professionals at our law firm, who has the necessary knowledge of the law and a good command over the facts of a case, as well as experience with taken this information and making it understandable and as compelling as possible to mediators, evaluators and parenting time coordinators, as well as other professionals like counselors.

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