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Unique challenges for divorcing same-sex couples

Same-sex couples are allowed to marry and divorce in California. Unfortunately, despite the legality of it, same-sex divorce can be very complicated, even more so than other divorces. Here are some of the big challenges you should consider if you are heading into a same-sex divorce.

How does a parent modify a child custody order?

One of our most recent posts on the blog discussed some of the more important considerations with regard to child support. Amongst those was the fact that in order to obtain a child support modification, you need to show a change in circumstances. This is a determination that is ultimately made by the judge, but there are certain things you can do to support an argument that circumstances have changed and, therefore, a modification, either increasing or decreasing the support obligation, is justified.

Judge denies request to modify Robin Thicke's child custody

Californians who have children and are going through the marriage dissolution process can find divorce especially difficult. The mere fact that the couple is breaking up can wreak emotional havoc on a child, and matters can only get worse when a heated custody dispute ensues. For parents, the process can be emotionally damaging, too. A parent who used to see his or her child every day may be reduced to periodic visitation, which could dampen the relationship between the child and that parent.

California attorneys addressing a variety of family law issues

The New Year could mean a new you, and in more ways than one. Whether you have resolved to ease stress, spend more time with family, or lose weight, you are likely to address how to make your life better for you and those you love. For many Californians, this means ending a toxic marriage that has caused them heartache and financial loss. If you have found yourself in this situation, then you may have considered our last blog post about New Year divorce tips quite helpful.

What types of custody arrangements are there in California?

Whether you're a parent dissolving your marriage or simply ending a relationship, chances are that the biggest concern on your mind right now is who will maintain custody of your child and what this will mean for the other parent. If so, then you're not alone.

Divorcing in the New Year? Here are a few things to think about

With the New Year comes resolutions and change. For many Californians, this means taking the steps to end their marriage. There are many reasons an individual may seek divorce, but sometimes our emotions get the best of us and we make decisions that work against our best interests. That is not to say that those wanting a divorce should avoid it. Instead, those considering divorce need to ensure that they are approaching the process that protect their and their children's best interests.

Is it difficult to divide a pension during divorce?

Whether you know someone who has gone through a divorce or you are currently the one embarking on this life-changing adventure, chances are there were or are concerns about property division, and rightly so. Property division can be a complex part of the divorce process, oftentimes leading to disputes or disagreements that require professional legal help to resolve.


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