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Divorce trends rise following winter holidays, study suggests

If the stress of the upcoming holiday season already has you seeing the cracks and strains in your marriage, you're not alone. The "go here, do that" hectic shuffle of the holidays tends to have this effect on a large number of people. So much so that sociologists are starting to notice a trend in divorce filings just following the winter holidays.

What Happens to a Professional Practice in a Divorce?

For doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals who own and operate their own practices, the property division phase of divorce can be incredibly complex when making difficult decisions that can affect their personal, professional and financial lives.

Walking down the aisle? It's time to think about a prenup.

When you first get engaged, you likely will only be thinking about the excitement of the upcoming wedding. You may have questions flooding your mind, but they will probably be focused on issues like the ceremony details and the type of music to play at the reception. While these are enjoyable parts of the planning process, there are other practical considerations that many couples should think about before taking the walk down the aisle.

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