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How can you help your child cope with divorce?

Although it is not easy to ask for or file for a divorce, it certainly is not easy to share the news with your children. Married Parents in California do not often think about what life would be like for everyone if the marriage ends; therefore, it is very new territory for families going through the divorce process.

Life change could prompt post-divorce modifications in California

Spouses tend to take a big sigh of relief once their divorce is finalized. Because a failing marriage and a subsequent divorce can be emotionally and mentally challenging, newly divorced spouses in California and elsewhere seek to move forward, believing that their divorce decree is suitable and will remain intact for years to come. However, the unfortunate reality is that no divorce settlement is perfect, and divorced couples will likely need to revisit them at some point post-divorce.

Helping you resolve family law disputes in California

Fights have the ability of being emotionally damaging. While some might be minor and easy to overcome, some are major, and are damaging to a relationship. When married couples in California are involved in a family dispute, it can seem impossible to get past it. Whether it is during dissolution or post-divorce, it is important that couples understand how best to resolve any disputes that might impact them.

Don't navigate the hardships of family law issues alone

Our families are some of the closest people in our lives and for many, provide a solid foundation for any type of life crisis. Unfortunately, families aren't immune to getting caught up in serious arguments and battles. Getting mixed up in any type of legal dispute can be a stressful experience, but when those situations involve members of your family, the difficulty can be magnified many times over.

What parents can learn from Kelly Rutherford's custody battle

Since 2012, Gossip Girl actress, Kelly Rutherford continues to captivate imaginations with her spectacularly dramatic legal battles. She lost a six year international custody war with her German husband. She subsequently filed for bankruptcy which she was granted this year.

Dealing with modification and enforcement issues after a divorce

Among the things that generally come out of a divorce are certain court orders. Examples of common divorce-related orders are those regarding alimony, child support and child custody. Sometimes, important legal matters end up arising regarding these orders long after a divorce has been finalized.

Divorcing a business partner in California

For some couples, their marriage is not just about creating a shared life together; it is also about sharing a business. Being married to your business partner can be beneficial when things are going well, but troubles with your marriage may affect your business as well.

How California judges decide on a fair custody arrangement

For parents, few things matter more than being able to see their children on a regular basis and building a lasting bond with them. As you can imagine, divorce and legal separations can complicate matters, making it difficult for parents to regularly see their children without also having to see their ex more.

Walking down the aisle? It's time to think about a prenup.

When you first get engaged, you likely will only be thinking about the excitement of the upcoming wedding. You may have questions flooding your mind, but they will probably be focused on issues like the ceremony details and the type of music to play at the reception. While these are enjoyable parts of the planning process, there are other practical considerations that many couples should think about before taking the walk down the aisle.

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