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Who needs a prenuptial agreement in California?

Prenuptial agreements are no longer uncommon in California, but many people wonder if they need one. After all, getting married is supposed to be an emotional and romantic experience, not a business negotiation. Nevertheless, many marriages end in divorce despite the good initial intentions of the spouses. If a couple should decide that they need to end their marriage, a proper prenuptial agreement can save them emotional energy and financial burden by resolving a number of issues in advance.

Facebook is an excellent way to connect. It can also be damaging.

From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter - these 21st Century platforms provide the ability to see inside the daily, private life of an individual like never before. A follower can see photos or videos of an individual's recent trip abroad, a new baby-even a new haircut-on these social media sites.

Divorcing in a digital age

This past week, a woman witnessed two girls being denied access to a United Airlines flight. Apparently they had failed to meet the dress code requirement of the special airline passes they had that allowed them to fly for free. Without knowing the full context of what she saw, the woman tweeted her interpretation of the facts to her many followers. Her tweet went viral, created a news story, and United Airlines had a public relations nightmare on their hands.

Divorce tax implications: filing status and children

The income tax filing deadline is fast approaching. For those Tiburon, California, residents who are in the throes of a divorce, or have recently been divorced, tax season often brings a host of uncertainties. Two common questions are whether a divorcing or recently divorced couple can file a joint return, and which parent can claim a child as a dependent.

Don't navigate the hardships of family law issues alone

Our families are some of the closest people in our lives and for many, provide a solid foundation for any type of life crisis. Unfortunately, families aren't immune to getting caught up in serious arguments and battles. Getting mixed up in any type of legal dispute can be a stressful experience, but when those situations involve members of your family, the difficulty can be magnified many times over.

What are the tax implications of selling the house in a divorce?

Given the high prices of real estate in the Bay Area, it is not surprising that when Marin County couples divorce, their family home is often one of their most valuable assets. If the parties agree to sell the home in connection with the divorce, it is important to keep certain capital gains tax implications in mind.

What parents can learn from Kelly Rutherford's custody battle

Since 2012, Gossip Girl actress, Kelly Rutherford continues to captivate imaginations with her spectacularly dramatic legal battles. She lost a six year international custody war with her German husband. She subsequently filed for bankruptcy which she was granted this year.

Dealing with modification and enforcement issues after a divorce

Among the things that generally come out of a divorce are certain court orders. Examples of common divorce-related orders are those regarding alimony, child support and child custody. Sometimes, important legal matters end up arising regarding these orders long after a divorce has been finalized.


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